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August 16th, 2019

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"We looked into two other studios before we chose Hope Garden. Their cost per class was about the same or a little higher, but the quality of the instruction wasn't nearly as high. And their performance fees for their recitals was always much higher, and for shows that weren't near the quality that we are used to here in Poolesville."


Tuition and Fees


HGBA tuition is paid by semester, prior to the beginning of the semester payable to Hope Garden Ballet Academy. The Spring 2019 semester will start on January 7th, and runs  through June 8th.

In general, the fees are based upon the number of classes that the student takes per week. The rate per hour lessens as the student advances and takes more classes per week, even though the overall tuition will necessarily be higher for the more advanced classes. The 2019 Spring semester fees, which are practically the same rates as the Fall 2019 fees, are listed below. 

Performance Fees

There is a performance fee for all students who participate in the professional level performance of Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre towards the end of the semester. These fees ENABLE the student to participate in the show, and of course, help to cover the cost of costumes, theater rental, professional technician fees and include a professionally produced video on DVD and a DVD of professional photos of the performance for each participant family.

Performance fees are to be paid by the week of February 4th, with a separate check made out to Hope Garden Children's Ballet Theatre. Please do not combine the performance fee with the class registration fee. The performance fee for Ballet I, II, III and IV is $150, and the fee for Ballet V and up is $200. Please place checks in the performance fee folder at the reception desk at the studio. PLEASE VISIT HGCBT website for more information about performances with HGCBT and the fees and general info. There is a 10% penalty for being late on the performance fee payment.


You can now register online and pay online below, or you can pay by check or credit card at the studio. You can also download the registration form and mail it as instructed on the form. Even if you pay online, please fill out the registration form either online or on paper and submit it to the receptionist or by mail.

NOTE: There is a 3% (approx) handling fee for PayPal payments added on as seen below.

Tuition, Fall 2019:

15 week semester:

Ballet I: 4-5 year olds, one class per week, 14 one hour classes, $297

Ballet II: 5-7 year olds, one class per week, 15 one hour classes, $318

Ballet III: 6-8 year olds, one class per week, 14 one hour classes, $297

Ballet IV: 7-9 year olds, one class per week, 15 one hour classes, $318

Ballet V/VI: 8-11 year olds, with at least 3 years ballet experience, two classes per week, 29 classes, $799

Ballet VII/VIII: 9-12 year olds, pre-pointe and pointe, teacher permission only.  Four or five classes per week. 55 classes, $1,350

Intermediate A/B/C:  11 year olds and up, by audition only.  83 classes per week $1,704

Advanced: 12 years old and up, by audition only.  9.75 - 19 hours per week  $2,009

Advanced Ballet/Release Time: Pre-professional level, by audition only. Up to 21.5 hours per week,$2,218

Teen/Adult Ballet: One class per week, 14 classes, $297.  2 levels available based on demand.

LaBlast: One class per week on Sundays, 12noon. 10class CARD is $100, good for 4 months

Boys: One class per week, 14 classes, $ 150

Mommy and Me Class:  5 class session, $50 

Checks are preferred, but tuition by PayPal is available below with a small handling fee. Also, you can now pay by credit card at the front desk with no additional fee!