Mission Statement

Hope Garden Ballet Academy strives to develop ballet students of the highest technical skill as well as of high moral character. Focusing on the Vaganova classical ballet system, but also exposing the students to other styles and types of dance, Hope Garden seeks to encourage development of the well-rounded dancer who can compete in today’s marketplace.

While creating the professional dancer, HGB also includes the student who simply wants to study classical ballet without pursuing a career in dance. HGB believes that Ballet is good for anyone and everyone, and strives to be inclusive, emphasizing the discipline, grace, poise and health gained from correct study of classical ballet. Every student has value and will be guided to become a generous, self-disciplined, team member.

About Hope Garden Ballet Academy

At Hope Garden Ballet Academy all students are treated with respect and love: the tiny dancer in a tutu; the teenage athlete who seeks to gain strength and flexibility; the adult who realizes the health benefits of the correct study of classical ballet; and the aspiring professional dancer who will one day grace the stage of a major dance company.

Located in the town of Poolesville, in Upper Montgomery County, Maryland, Hope Garden Ballet Academy has been offering pre-professional as well as recreational classes in Classical Ballet for boys, girls, and adults since 1997. Artistic Director and founder Fran Ichijo has been teaching ballet for 30 years using the Vaganova system. Her dancers have gone on to become soloists and principals at ballet companies around the world. Hope Garden students have qualified for supplemental training at the Kirov Academy of Ballet in Washington, DC. She shares her passion for dance with kindness and fun.