HGBA Inclement Weather and Holiday Policy

Inclement Weather

Hope Garden follows the inclement weather policy of Montgomery County Public Schools, found on their website and announced on radio and TV.

Hope Garden will not hold classes if Montgomery County schools are closed due to weather. If MC has a late opening, then HGBA will hold classes in the afternoon as usual. If MC closes EARLY due to weather, then HGBA will NOT hold classes. If schools cancel after school activities for students, even if community activities are not cancelled due to weather then ballet will be cancelled as well. This applies to school closing as well as any community activities as well, as it is a safety issue for travel.  Some students travel over an hour to get to HGBA and it is unsafe, even if it seems fine to Poolesville residents.


The training of  ballet technique is accomplished through consistency and daily effort of the body, therefore Hope Garden continues to have a policy where classes are held every day, even if it is a National, religious, or school holiday (professional days, MLK birthday, Presidents Day, Yom Kippur, etc.). Hope Garden Ballet Academy of course recognizes that these are important holidays and celebrations and continues to have an open policy where a student may take an excused absence, as long as the parent informs the director by e-mail, text or phone (to 301-466-1906). Hope Garden does takes a winter break, Thanksgiving, and spring break which allow for Christmas and Easter/Passover observances.