Dress Code

hairup.jpgThe beauty of ballet is achieved through discipline and hard work. In the early stages, the appropriate attire and hair style is key in establishing this discipline.


We need all parents to ensure that their girls have their hair pulled back neatly off the face and neck in a bun. Please buy the correct color and style leotard: see Discount Dance for the Ballet I - VII leotard: http://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_M515C.html?&pid=3347&Shop=Style&SID=596751087

For Intermediate Level and up:https://www.discountdance.com/dancewear/style_BT5171.html?pid=25496&Shop=Style&SID=1138129504   The leotard color for each class is as follows:

LEVEL I: pink leotard
LEVEL II: light blue leotard
LEVEL III: navy blue leotard
LEVEL IV: lilac leotard
LEVEL V/VI: garnet leotard (Girls need to have ballet ribbons on their flat shoes from this level up)
LEVEL VII: black leotard
INTERMEDIATE A: black leotard , capped sleeve, V-neck, ballet cut leg line
INTERMEDIATE BC/Advanced: black leotard, same as just above
Pre-professional: Black leotard

Tights and ballet shoes are required. The color for the tights is called "ballet pink." Hope Garden recommends Footlights Dance and Theatre Boutique in Frederick, Maryland as a source for many of these items, or Discount Dance as mentioned above. Students must be dressed properly in order to be permitted to take class. For Ballet VII and up, Friday is "any color Friday" once a week , for a change.


Students should wear black, pink or white warmers on their legs or shrug which must be tight fitting to show the line. Shorts and bagginess generally are not allowed, and due to unforeseen cold weather, the teacher has the discretion for warm ups.


Boys are to wear black tights and black canvas or leather ballet shoes. They  should  wear a white tee-shirt, tucked-in. Close fitting spandex shirt is preferred. Hair must be neat, and if it is long enough that it interferes with the dancer's vision it must be pulled back.