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"These older kids have worked so hard, and they've accomplished so much. It's great to sit in the audience for the HGCBT shows and listen to other audience members talk about how accomplished the kids are, and then they can't believe it when they find out how young they are!" 

Criteria for Placement in
Intermediate and Advanced Classes

Acceptance into the Intermediate and Advanced classes is by audition only. Please contact us if you wish to schedule an audition time. During the audition all steps and positions must be correct with straight knees, pointed feet, no sickling, and with correct arms, shoulders and back, as well as epaulement. All "pointe" work is on demi-pointe for boys.

At least 3 - 6 weeks of summer course required to advance to next level.

For a schedule of classes please see Description of classes.

Intermediate A:

  • Fondu (flat) in all positions, a terre and 45*, confirming turn out  at barre and center.
  • Pique to 1st Arabesque on flat , demi and en pointe, 90*, hold 8 counts
  • Echappe  sauté to second and fourth; assemble de cote   
  • Temps leve in coupe; ballonne all directions
  • 6 Pique tours en pointe both directions from corner en dedans, and  soutenu tours, same, finish and hold in tendu efface
  • 8 Consecutive retires en pointe
  • Single en dehors pirouette en pointe from 5th, ending in 5th, coupe and retire
  • Splits a terre both directions 180, and straddle at least 160*, preferably 180*
  • Boys- single tour en l'aire

Intermediate B:

  • All of the above and single pirouette en pointe, from 5th, 4th and 2nd
  • Grand Rond de jambe en face , 90*en dehors and en dedans, flat; promenade in arabesque 90*
  • Assemble battu de cote, 4 consecutive, en avant
  • 6 ballonne on pointe from corner in efface
  • Single tour in attitude on pointe en dedans
  • Boys- single tour en l'aire , clear landing in V

Intermediate C:

  • All of the above and:
  • Arabesque penche in center, flat; Grand rond de Jambe 90*, demi-pt en face, en dehors and en dedans
  • 4 Entre chat six; 8 consecutive assembles battus; ballonne efface front and back, medium
  • Cabriole efface front and back
  • Pique double en diagonal
  • Double Attitude tours en pointe en dedans
  • Grand Tours in 2nd en pointe en dedans
  • Grand jete; Fouette saute
  • Boys--compound echappe, 6 consecutive cabrioles, back and front

Advanced / Pre-professional:

  • All of the above and:
  • 12 pique tours en menage, flat and pointe
  • grand jete an tournant, saut de basque, gr siss attitude
  • cabriole in all directions
  • gr tours in II, attitude and arab, en pointe
  • triple pirouettes
  • all petit allegro battu            
  • 16 -32 fouettes (tours) flat and en pointe
  • Boys- 16 tours in II
  • Boys- Tours jete en menage, mimimum 8, with a clean finish
  • Grand Ballotte