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"We approached Fran about college information hoping she might know someone who could help us find a school with a good dance program. We didn't realize that with all her years of teaching that she has sent a number of students on to good programs, both in universities and professional studios. She was a great help!"

College Options for Ballet Students

Here you will find information about excellent colleges both academically and in dance.  Mme Ichijo has taught and helped over 22 classes of graduating seniors, both abroad and in the USA in the past 30 years.  Ultimately, the college option and the choice of which college or university is between the student and his or her parents and her life path.

While most ballet companies like to hire dancers around the ages of 17 -19, when they can "mold" them to fit into their company style, the trend in the 21st century is to earn a degree on line whilest with a company. Other students  aim for a college that has a strong ballet and dance  component, whereby a dancer may improve their skills while earning a BA or other dgree, and in some cases prepare for company life while at the college or university.  College life affords many performing opportunities while improving technique, teaches theory and music and anatomy, courses that the dancer might not have had while in high school. Often, a dance student may receive a handsome and generous scholarship to the college or university because of their demonstrated skills in dance at their college audition, so the study of dance is helpful financially as well.

While HGBA prepares the student for a professional dance career, some students that graduate from Hope Garden have chosen and may choose to be a dancer, a teacher or choreographer, a dance therapist, sports medicine doctor for dancers, an arts manager, or other dance related career, just because they love the field of dance and art. This is a noble goal, as the dance, and particularly the ballet and contemporary field can transform people in a single evening of spectacularness! Hired positions in ballet are very competitive and those with all the attributes needed to succeed on the stage are few compared to the many that participate in classes in schools all around the country and world. Pursuing dance and ballet is a lifelong goal for  some, a dream for others, and simply fun and healthy for most.

In this section, there will be many college options and a list of suggested colleges and programs.  There are many  choices , as any college bound student (or their parents!) in any field knows.  Finding the right one is the key, if one decides not to pursue a ballet company immediately after high school. It is good to be as informed as possible before auditions begin in Junior and Senior year.

Indiana University

Point Park University

University of Arizona

Fordham University

Towson University

James Madison University

Suny Purchase

Butler University

Marymount Manhattan

George Mason University School of Dance

More developments and listings coming...